That’s because all Eva-Last® products give you peace of mind by offering industry leading warranties which protect against splintering, splitting, rotting, warping or fading significantly. While the coverage period of warranties varies with the specific Eva-Last® range you choose, all Eva-Last® products are ultra low-maintenance and designed to make your life easier and more worry-free. Please note that any and all warranty claims must follow due process and may be subject to possible on-site inspection and compliance with the installation guidelines. Take a moment to review and/or download the coverage guaranteed by the warranty relevant to your chosen Eva-Last®product below.

Infinity® Warranty

PDF (3.3MB)

Warranty Claim Process

The claim process must be initiated by the final owner of the installed product. Who must also be the owner of the property where the product is installed and the person who the original proof of purchase is addressed to. If you are not the final owner of the installed product, please assist the final owner to lodge this claim.

There are three steps to the claim process:

  1. You submit a claim including as much information as you can supply to support your claim.
  2. We will investigate your claim, verify the information, or request any other information we need before we can assess your claim.
  3. As soon as all the relevant information has been submitted which allows us to make a conclusive assessment on the warranty claim, we will assess the claim against our limited warranty and inform you of the outcome.

In order to lodge your claim, you will need to provide us with certain minimum information. Please prepare all the following required information before starting the claim process:

A copy of the invoice or proof of purchase for the product – If you purchased your product through a reseller provide the dated invoice – Without a proof of purchase we will not be able to assess your claim.

Five clear photographs of the installed product:

  1. a photo showing an A4 size piece of paper centred between the joists(profile support) of the affected area
  2. if any of the profiles are joined end to end, a photo showing installed double joists where the ends of the boards meet
  3. a broad photo showing the affected area
  4. a panoramic view of the decking area
  5. a full scale photo showing the entire deck.


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